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In order to be able to profit from a computer science solution maximally, must this day for day expertly be operated.

Our services are developed modular and the pertinent SLA's (service level Agreement's) guarantee you reliable, examinable achievements.

Service contracts
For regular maintenance work our customers can lock individual servicing contracts, which cover extensive activities at a fixed price with us.
- Onsite Management-Sevice
- Microsoft Windows Clientsupport
- Desktop-Installationsservice
- ServiceDesk-Support
- Automatic safety device of the final user data and virus examination
- Repair of the hardware locally or centralized
- Software Distribution
- Asset Management

Support contracts
Without support no IT gets along, therefore our specialists are to you on different way at the disposal.
- On call, as subscription suburb, on request service

We relieve our customers totally or partly from tasks of their IT. For short term employments our experienced coworkers and/or partner are to you at the disposal.

We can be used with you at any time relating to orders. Examples are for short term employments such as holidays separation and project support, or for long-term commitments as a professional for a special area.

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