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are IT and business procedures depend.

Therefore a structured procedure is the Alpha and Omega of a successful IT consultation and an optimal solution identification and thus is we to you for each consulting phase at the disposal.

Situation analysise
In the situation analysis the relevant business processes and the existing IT solution are seized. The raised results are documented and supplemented with strengthening-weaknesses catalog. Together this collection serves as basis for the formulation of goal.

Formulation of goal
In this phase together with the customer the goals of the new solution are defined, weighted and made measurerable. The goals are held in a goal catalog and serve in such a way together with the situation analysis as basis for the scenarios of solutions.

Here the actual solution identification takes place. The situation analysis and the goal catalog serve the elaboration of proposals for solution. We evaluate or sketch the solutions, which correspond with your requirements.

Requirement specification
In the comprehensive product requirement specifications phase, all results are summarized and will serve you and the supplier for a offering and project completion.

Here you decide which proposal for solution begin will are. We are to you as partners for the evaluation of the scenarios at the disposal.

Our IT-Services Portfolio

Our Approach

In the center of our services the individual customer needs are located. In order to find for our customers the optimal solution, we go if necessary strictly structured forwards.

As a condition for all our activities we see the admission of the actual situation and the common definition of the goals which can be achieved.
The strict procedure after this principle ensures the customer solutions, those really to its requirements corresponds and secures to us the basis for a lasting and long-term co-operation.

Budget 2020 and 2021 – COVID19 driven

Those financial years was driven by COVID-19.
Therfore our remotesupport work was growing up and also the integration part for secure home working solutions. The enhancement of the perimetersecurity was another upcoming part, as the permanent security threats need to be more controlled. Security breaches comes also more in place where we was engaged to fight against.

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