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IT and business procedures are strongly from each other dependent.

Therefore a structured procedure is the Alpha and Omega of a successful consultation and an optimal solution identification and thus is we to you for each consulting phase at the disposal.

Situation analysise
In the situation analysis the relevant business processes and the existing computer science solution are seized. The raised results are documented and supplemented with strengthening/weaknesses catalog.
Together this collection serves as basis for the formulation of goal.

Formulation of goal
In this phase together with the customer the goals of the new solution are defined, weighted and made measurerable. The goals are held in a goal catalog and serve in such a way together with the situation analysis as basis for the scenarios of solutions.

Here the actual solution identification takes place. The situation analysis and the goal catalog serve the elaboration of proposals for solution. Our specialists evaluate or sketch the solutions, which correspond exactly to your requirements.

Here you decide which proposal for solution begin will are. We are to you as partners for the evaluation of the scenarios at the disposal.

Requirement specification
In comprehensive product requirement specifications all results compiled so far are summarized and serve the customer, like also the supplier as basis for the Offering and project completion.

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