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To the consultation it concerns to convert the concept for the solution rapidly and competently.

Our specialists have experience of many years in small, middle and large enterprises and know each other therefore in the best way out.

Processredesign serves the customers for the optimization of your business activities. Here we set an emphasis, since only with optimal business processes computer science can be used effectively. Actual state analysis, optimization and documentation (if desired by ITIL®).

With the following products of Microsoft we know out and are ourselves to our customers perfectly for one implementation at the disposal:
- Windows Server and Enterprise Server, Exchange Servers, Microsoft Terminal Server, Windows , CE Clients, MS Office Pakages (All Versions)

Unix / Linux
In order to serve our customers, we are available also for the conversion of solutions with the following systems:
- RedHat Linux, Open VMS, Mail Gateways with Virussolutions and Spamfilter (Sendmail, Bitdefender, Spamassassin, McAfee, Symantec) and Business Applications.


Without security each investment is useless into a computer science solution. Here weights we very strongly and support comprehensively in the following areas:
- Firewallsolutions
- Virusdetections / Solutions
- Spamdetections /Solutions
- Backupsolution
- Data security, Data integrity, Image loss

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