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As SPLA partner of Microsoft, we can offer you the entire software portfolio by Microsoft as a separate CLOUD solution at the two locations for renting the servers at *ZH Airport on a monthly fee base.

Similarly, we can use your existing eOpen licenses from Microsoft to the CLOUD based licenses on our servers in that site to migrate. You can choose between a dedicated server or a server solution used in conjunction with other customers.
We offer data storage in the CLOUD, which are either set up on your own virtual server, or placed on a common system available.
These CLOUD tray can also be used by an app on the iOS and Android and be exchanged or data made available.

The preferred languages for the installed Microsoft products are German and English. All systems are backed up daily at night on the airport site ZH. The e-mail mailboxes are stored per user per day as PST files in addition to a CLOUD server.

Services - Solutions:
EX2013 mailbox access for a user and an e-mail address with PDA access to the mailbox
You get access from anywhere on the mailbox services: email, calendar, contacts, tasks, contacts, and calendar sharing. You can use the function push mail (Direct Push) on your Windows Mobile Phone.
In addition, an effective virus and spam filter and daily backup of your valuable data in the mailbox CLOUD Exchange offers included.
On the CLOUD servers which can be intended for dedicated customers we offer as an option the connection to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5 or Blackberrry Enterprise Services.

Private virtual Windows or Linux server with up to 2 CPU, 1GB / s Netztwerkanbindung and optionally with terminal server access for a user using Remote Desktop.
You get worldwide access via Remote Desktop on your CLOUD server and can for example. Your own application (Abacus ..) use. The newer printer models from your own network can also be incorporated.

We can also provide Office 2016 Pro Plus on your terminal server, or simply provide a virtual Server 2012 Standard R2 with 2CPU to use your own software.

With the EPC OWNCLOUD data storage (open source), you can access your documents using iOS, Android, PC, MAC and provide third-party access control by means of these shelves are available.

* Information on the server locations on ZH airport by Hosted Solutions by Suburb provider using VMware cluster solution

Main Site 1: Operation Center 4, 8060 Zurich-Airport, Terminal 2 Internet connection provider by IP-Plus 100MB/s on the Internet
Backup location 2: Terminal 2, B, check-3, 8060 Zurich-Airport, Terminal 2 Internet connection provider by IP-Plus 100MB/s on the Internet

These solutions offer offer you the option of independent, flexible and without their own server infrastructure with Office 2016 Pro Plus to use the mailbox services from Microsoft Exchange 2013 and / or Terminal Services.

We offer these services to the following terms and conditions of an available storage space of 30 GB per user:

Monthly cost per user for using the EPC storage with 1GB storage folder: CHF 13 .--
Monthly cost per mailbox with an email address without public folders: CHF 17 .--
Monthly charges per mailbox and public folder 5GB: CHF 23 .--
Monthly charges per mailbox and >5GB public folder: CHF 29 .--
Monthly charges for its own virtual Server 2012 Std: CHF 45 .--
Monthly cost per user for Remote Desktop Connection: CHF 19 .--
Monthly cost per user for using Office 2016 Pro Plus: CHF 29 .--
Monthly cost per user for the use of non-Q-BlackBerry devices: On request

One-time installation costs:
Are each charged on the project scope.

Monthly charges for web hosting (Joomla, WordPress or Weblication)
from a customer domain on IIS or Apache: CHF 12 .--

Monthly charges for DNS Hosting
from a customer domain on Bindserver: CHF 3 .--

Support local charge for installation / integration of third-party products
according to customer requirements: CHF 180 .-- per hour

Online support costs for installation / integration of third-party products
according to customer via remote maintenance: CHF 160 .-- per hour

Prices are in CHF excl. VAT.

The minimum subscription period is 12 months with a notice of three months after the expiry of the minimum term.
The CLOUD for server platforms and their data content is exclusively in Switzerland and license use of the verwendetetn Microsoft licenses are reported monthly by EPC AG to Microsoft, with
a statement of the end customer.

We are flexible - Do you have special requirements for us?


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